I support President Obama’s decision to remove U.S. troops from Iraq, as a founding member of the Out of Iraq Caucus.  I strongly opposed the decision to invade Iraq and I consistently voted to bring our troops home.  With the end of our military commitment, I strongly believe we need to scale up our diplomatic and economic engagement with the people of Iraq.  After so many years of war, the United States must become a constructive partner for peace, supporting civil society growth, rule of law, and economic development. 

Thousands of Americans lost their lives in the Iraq war, and countless others continue to bear the physical and mental scars of the conflict. We have a responsibility to them and to their families, and I strongly believe we must provide them with the benefits and services they need and deserve.

I support the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. I have consistently called for an end to the war and voted to bring our soldiers home, and I have urged the President to go beyond the announced reductions and lay out a plan for a swift and sizeable redeployment of U.S. forces. I support legislation calling for an accelerated timetable for troop withdrawal and an end to the war.

After billions of dollars and thousands of American lives, it has become painfully clear that we will not achieve our goals in Afghanistan through military means. This enormous expenditure of American lives and resources has not brought us security, nor has it is ensured a peaceful future for Afghanistan. Instead of ongoing military expenditures, we need to instead invest in diplomatic and economic engagement with the Afghan people – particularly with Afghan women.

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