Our own Violet Flaxman Husman relied on Medicare and Medicaid, like Millions of Americans

August 3, 2015
Press Release

Rhoda sent in this photo and story of her mother, Violet, who relied on Medicare and Medicaid.

During our 50th Anniversary party last week, I said the following:

Virtually every family in America either has relied, is relying or will rely on Medicare and Medicaid – my family included.  I’m proud to carry my Medicare card, and I want to thank John Dingell for his leadership and vision.

I asked my constituents to share with me their views – and here is what I heard from Rhoda, who described Medicare and Medicaid as the “two heroes” in her mother’s life.

“I shudder to think what my mom's last months would have been like without Medicare and Medicaid. She could not afford private care, my sister lived a distance away and my own small house has stairs and many tight spaces my mom never could have maneuvered around in. She would have been bed bound and very unhappy if she had to stay with me. Medicare and Medicaid made all the difference in the world to one old and dying lady, her children, and her grandchildren. Everyone deserves basic and decent care in their last days. Please don't take this away from the many others like my mom who also deserve a good life all the way till the end."

So let me ask you – are we going to let anyone take Medicare and Medicaid away from our families? 

Are we going to let Republicans cut Medicare and Medicaid benefits?

Are we going to let them turn Medicare into a voucher program?  Or raise the age of eligibility?

Or are we going to improve Medicare and Medicaid – adding hearing and vision and dental care and more home and community based care? 

John Dingell got Medicare and Medicaid passed.  It’s our job to keep them strong for our children and their children.  So let’s party today and keep working tomorrow.