Schakowsky Statement on Continued Republican Attacks on Women's

January 27, 2017
Press Release

     Last weekend, I was proud to stand with millions of women who marched around the country and around the world to say loud and clear that enough is enough – it’s time for women to get the respect and rights they deserve.

     The Republican response was simple and devastating; they have decided to double down on their anti-women agenda.

Let’s review what they’ve done in just the first week of the Trump Presidency:

  • Republicans in the House passed H.R. 7, which would make it more difficult for women to get abortion coverage through their private insurance policies, limit women's ability to pay for abortions with their own money, and make the anti-choice, anti-woman Hyde Amendment permanent.
  • President Trump reinstated and expanded the Global Gag Rule, which denies foreign assistance to any organization that uses its own dollars to even discuss abortions. And let’s not forget that he signed this Executive Order while surrounded entirely by men.
  • Republicans in Congress voted against language that I offered, which prevents insurance companies from charging women more than men. In Illinois, before the Affordable Care Act, women were charged up to 55% more than men for the same plans.
  • President Trump signed an executive order meant to undermine the ACA, which provides women with access to contraception with no out-of-pocket costs, ensures women are not charged more than men for their insurance, and requires insurance companies to cover benefits that are critical for women, like maternity care.

     It’s time for Republicans in Congress and President Trump to listen to American women and stop trying to impose their own judgement on women and their doctors.  Enough is enough.