Schakowsky Statement on President Trump's Executive Order

June 20, 2018
Press Release

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, a Chief Deputy Whip, released the following statement after President Trump signed an order to end family separation by instituting indefinite family detention:

“President Trump directed his Administration to engage in state-sanctioned child abuse, tried to use immigrant babies as political bargaining chips, sparked the outrage of a nation, and now is attempting to capitalize on the outrage to further distort our nation’s immigration laws. The President’s Executive Order directs his Attorney General to open the door for the indefinite incarceration of immigrant families – including their children. The Order does nothing to change the Administration’s ‘zero tolerance policy’, which is what put these children in cages in the first place. Finally, the President has also failed to outline any sort of plan for reuniting the 2,300 or so children who have been ripped away from their families.

“Shame on President Trump. Shame on Congressional Republicans for putting two unacceptable immigration bills on the House floor this week. Shame on Paul Ryan for calling his bill a ‘compromise’ when it would only protect a third of Dreamers and give a pathway to citizenship to less than 20% of them – and only until Republicans get funding for their precious border wall. Shame on anyone who has remained silent in the face of the Republicans’ inhumane, unamerican attacks on immigrants.

“We are experiencing a moment of great moral divide in our country today, and let’s be clear: there is a right side and a wrong side. History will be kind to those of us who stood in defense of families fleeing turmoil, children torn from their parents, and hard-working immigrants looking to build a brighter American future.”