Schakowsky Statement on Social Security Decisions

July 17, 2014
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC —  On June 20, Representatives Jan Schakowsky and Raul Grijalva led 121 of their House colleagues on a letter to Social Security Acting Administrator Carolyn W. Colvin, urging her to reverse a decision to limit access to important services at local SSA offices.  Those services included in-person requests for benefit verification statements and copies of Social Security numbers (known as Numi-lites).  Today, the Social Security Administration announced it would change its previous decision and continue providing benefit verification letters and improve access to Numi-lites.

Representative Schakowsky released this statement:

“I am very pleased that Acting Administrator Colvin has responded to our concerns and taken steps to ensure that the millions of Americans who depend on Social Security services will receive them.  Local Social Security offices provide ready access to those critical services, and my constituents rely on SSA employees to help them get the information they need and the benefits they have earned.

Those services include access to benefit verifications, which are needed for tax purposes, car loans, mortgages, rental agreements, and food programs.  It is important to have in-person access to those services – providing a consumer-friendly place to get them and avoiding delays in obtaining needed documentation. 

I am glad that the Social Security Administration has responded to the concern of Congress and our constituents.  I look forward to working with my colleagues to provide the Social Security Administration with all the resources it needs to continue its excellent customer service record.”