Schakowsky Statement on Trump Immigration Plan

May 16, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, a Senior Chief Deputy Whip, made the following statement after the Trump Administration released a plan to update our nation’s immigration system to a merit-based system:

“Our great nation’s history has been built on a foundation of a rich immigrant history, and nearly every population came to this country fleeing some sort of religious, cultural or economic oppression. And upon arrival, many groups saw some form of discrimination or isolation. Nonetheless, our country has become the most diverse and most innovative because we are a nation of immigrants. A daughter of immigrants, I was born in the city of Chicago, a city that itself was created and made successful by countless groups of immigrants and founded by a Haitian immigrant Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. From the Polish to Irish, German to Czechs, Greeks to Chinese, Mexicans to Italians, Somalis to Liberians, Koreans to Assyrians, Armenians to Pakistanis, Sudanese to Eritrean, the district I represent, and the region around has been built by these great immigrant communities and continues to thrive with recent and new arrivals. President Trump’s misguided and backwards proposal would stifle our nation’s rich history, rewarding the elites with immigration to our nation, with civics tests and English proficiency requirements. It ignores the dire need to address separated families, a permanent status for DREAMers, and those here on temporary protected status, all important groups that have the support and goodwill of a majority of Americans. This proposal will not move forward because it does not represent the values of our country. We need to pass comprehensive immigration reform to fix our broken immigration system.”