Schakowsky Statement on World Elder Abuse Day

June 15, 2018
Press Release

“It is estimated that 5 million older adults each year suffer from neglect, abuse or exploitation.  Today, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, is a time to focus attention on those – mostly women – who are at risk.  They are our parents and our grandparents, our friends and our neighbors.  They live in our country and around the world.  They are suffering from physical and verbal abuse, domestic violence, income theft and manipulation, isolation, and lack of needed care and services.  They need not just our attention but our action.

“Today cannot be another day when we express concern and then go about our daily business.  Elder abuse must be detected, reported and stopped – there are real solutions to elder abuse available to us if we make the commitment to implement and enforce them. Access to health and long-term care services can be expanded, nursing home quality can be improved through better staffing,  financial scams can be prevented and fraudsters can held accountable.  Supportive services can be provided to ensure needs are met and neglect is ended.

“Older adults have earned the right to live securely and safely, free from abuse.   On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we should commit to ensuring that elders are respected and their rights protected.”