Nuclear Energy

I have long been a critic of nuclear power based on my concerns for both safety and cost.  The Fukushima Daiichi disaster in Japan has shown the danger of relying on nuclear power for our energy supply. 

As a member of the President's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, I proposed the elimination of federal guarantees to limit liability in case of nuclear accidents and subsidies for nuclear power plants.  I have consistently opposed nuclear power because of ongoing concerns over safety and waste disposal.   

Until we phase out nuclear power, we must protect against the threat of nuclear meltdowns. In March 2012, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ordered U.S. nuclear power plants to begin implementing recommendations made by the Near-Term Task Force (NTTF).  Under those orders, nuclear plants must install safety equipment and monitoring devices to prevent a large-scale meltdown.  Those are important first steps, but I will continue to monitor the progress of the NRC in protecting against the threat of a nuclear catastrophe.


Department of Energy